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Welcome to Plant Science, where golf and sports turf markets meet innovative, science- based environmental fertilizer technology
Environmental pressures affecting the turf industry have created a demand for new products founded on a solid, scientific approach. Established in June 2003, Plant Science, Inc. is a research and development company, dedicated to the development and innovation of environmental technology for professional sports turf fertilizer products. Plant Science is committed to the development of technologies that recognize modern turf management techniques and exceed customer expectations. Our developmental process is dependant on a stringent set of scientific criteria as set out by leading turf universities.
Fertilizer with a Purpose   TM
Our products are designed as part of a systematic approach to Precision Nutrient Management (PNP). PNP combines traditional data from soil testing with a nutrient monitoring program that includes tissue analysis, irrigation water analysis, and soluble nutrient extractions (saturated paste). It is our goal to earn the trust and confidence of professional turf managers by producing high quality products that improve plant health and performance. With a foundation of scientific review, Plant Science is a leader within the turf grass community.
V I S I O N  +  I N N O V A T I O N
Our core value is the development of fertilizer technologies that recognize modern turf management techniques, and to exceed customer expectations. Tru-prill  homogeneous fertilizers disperse following irrigation and reduce disruption of play. Tru- prill products are formulated with a variety of nitrogen sources including IBDU, Methlyene urea, and Natures Time plant based organics. Nutricore foliar turf fertilizer formulations have been developed from research projects that identify common deficiencies in turf grown on sand based media. Nutricore  products are chelated with plant based derivatives to ensure foliar uptake. Mineral Builder is the focus or most recent research projects that study the effects of balanced fertility on dollar spot expression in fairways.