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Products - NutriCore
Nutricore fertilizers addresses nutrient deficiencies found on turf grown in sand media. Nutricore’s unique technology ensures the total chelation of base nutrients for superior foliar uptake.
NutriCore - Foliar Fertilizer
Apply Nutricore products in 40 – 80 gallons of water per acre ( 5-10 litres / 100 m2) Turf Balance rate of 4.0 ounces per 1,000 ft2 equals .05 lbs actual nitrogen ( 1/20) Add Metaphos first when tank-mixing with fertilizers and fungicides Tank Mix Guide > Tank - Mix Guide for Primo, Proxy, and Fungicides >
CAL FORCE                 K FORCE                      METAPHOS                  TURF Balance              BASE K                        Enfoss Technical Phosphite 3-23-33         Quickgreen N+Fe 15-0-0                  BASE Manganese        
V I S I O N  +  I N N O V A T I O N
NutriCore fertilizers are available in several formulations: