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Precision nutrient programs (PNP   s)
Spring feeding strategies
Summer feeding strategies – your first line of defense
Learn more about our PNPs, a scientific approach to nutrient management. Plant Science’s PNPs are based on scientific data that shows balanced fertility is our first line of defense against pressures from insects and disease.
Phosphorous plays an integral role in energy metabolism and is an essential element of all living cells. Available phosphorous is limited in all soils as a result of low temperatures. In sand, the impact is greater due in part to low levels of organic matter, limited nutrient holding capacity and the potential for leaching.
Calcium, magnesium, potassium and boron are nutrient deficiencies common in both sand and soil-based greens. Extensive research performed at Rutgers shows that, when used early, a program of Nutricore foliar and Tru-Prill  granular fertilizers will improve disease resistance and effectively limit turf stress in the heat of summer.
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