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Dollar Spot Expression
The effects of fertility on dollar spot expression; 2009 Guelph research station
Dollarspot disease.  There was very little dollar spot across the treatments until about three weeks following inoculation on July 22.  All of the plots developed a heavy dollar spot infection, with over 100 lesions per 2 m2 plot by the end of August (Table 3).  The infection was present on both inoculated and uninoculated halves of each plot, indicating that the there was natural disease pressure in the absence of inoculum; generally the disease pressure was stronger in the inoculated half of each plot (Figure 5).  On the one date when there were significant differences observed among the treatments (Aug 17), all of the treated plots were less affected than the control, but only the treatments with Protocal + Enfoss were significantly lower than the control.   These two treatments had the lowest level of infection overall, but all plots had unacceptable levels of infection. The effects of nitrogen on dollar spot expression have been well documented. Nitrogen has been used as a tool to “grow out” lesions by improving the plants tolerance to infection. To further reduce the effect of dollar spot, we need to review the plants ability to utilize its natural defense mechanisms. This process is known as plant resistance. The objective of this research project was to determine the effects of the sponsor's fertilizer programs on dollar spot disease and general performance of creeping bentgrass putting green turf maintained at fairway height. Data collected included the duration and strength of the color response following application(s) of the tested products, turf quality, uniformity, and density, and resistance of the turf to disease and drought stress.
"Only the treatments with Protocal and Enfoss were significantly better than the control"
V I S I O N  +  I N N O V A T I O N
Background Information:
Figure 5.  Dollar spot lesions on plots, August 18, 2009.  Closer half of each 1x2m plot was inoculated with 5 g dollar spot inoculum, July 22, 2009