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During August, golf course superintentendents will have the opportunity to experience a unique educational forum with Dr. Joe Vargas. Walk the individual course with him as he comments on a variety of turf issues. Dr. Joe Vargas is a renowned turfgrass scientist and a professor of Botany and Plant Pathology at the University of Michigan. He was the first to recognize in the early 1980s that a tiny bacterium was the cause of a problem that led to the decline of a specific strand of creeping bentgrass. His discovery led to subsequent research as to how bacteria affects turfgrasses. Dr. Vargas also developed plant protectant chemical timing models to help control four of the principal turfgrass diseases for putting greens, including anthracnose and summer patch. Dr. Vargas has published more than 300 articles on turgrass diseases and related subjects. He is the author of Management of Turfgrass Diseases (1993) and The Turf Problem Solver: Case Studies and Solutions for Environmental, Cultural and Pest Problems (2005). The program is hosted by Plant Science, certified by the IPM council of Canada and provides 5 CEC points for certificaton.
Plant Science Turf Academies with Dr. Joe Vargas
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Turf Academy - Dr. Joe Vargas